Río Claro Nature Reserve: One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Antioquia

Natural Reserve Río Claro

One of the most exotic destinations that you can visit if you travel to stay in a hotel in Doradal during your vacation, is the Río Claro Nature Reserve . This incredible place offers nature lovers a space to relax among the most diverse fauna and flora in Colombia.

The Río Claro Natural Reserve was built in 1970 and its main objective is the conservation of the forests that grow on limestone of the Cañón del Río Claro. If it is already among the destinations you chose for a different vacation with your family, as a couple or with friends, we will tell you everything you need to know about this tourist attraction that you can enjoy up close if you stay at our  hotel Río Claro.

How can you get to the Río Claro Nature Reserve?

This 500-hectare paradise is located in Antioquia, in the region known as the middle basin of the Magdalena River and which is the main focus of those who do tourism in Medellín and its adjacencies; sharing the boundaries between the municipalities of San Luis, Puerto Triunfo and Sonsón. The trip takes approximately 6 hours from Bogotá and 3 hours from Medellín. If you live in any of these cities, it is an unmissable destination and an unforgettable experience.

If you are from Medellín, you should go to the North Terminal and take a bus that goes in the direction of Samaná; the place is just after passing the suspension bridge of the Samaná River.

On the other hand, if you come from Bogotá, you must take the bus from Terminal Salitre, on the route that will take you to Doradal, Antioquia; it will only take you 20 minutes to reach the reserve once you are there. However, if you stay at Hotel El Río, you will be able to enjoy an exotic part of this natural reserve that runs at the foot of our luxurious facilities.

The exuberant nature that Rio Claro offers


The first and most attractive thing you will notice upon arrival is the typical vegetation of tropical humid forests and its wide diversity of animal species, ranging from birds to pumas and cats; turning it into a natural environment to take a break from the busy cities.

Everything you can do in the Río Claro Nature Reserve

The trip to the reserve would not be complete if you do not enjoy the activities it has to offer. We will give you a list with some of them so that when you do tourism in Antioquia , you can explore this destination to the fullest.


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For water lovers: Marble Beach

This is one of the favorite activities of those who visit the reserve. It owes its name to the imposing marble base that forms part of the bottom and the riverbank. The rock is polished by the action of the river over the years, forming a pool with fresh and natural water; ideal for the whole family.

A visit to the Temple of Time

To get there you must take a 20-minute walk along the path, from the small central square of the reserve; At the end of the tour, you will find a fossil cave thousands of years old. Here you can touch the perforated rock and perceive different shapes, created by the water over time.

Take a tour of the caves “Las Dantas”

They are made up of several rivers, waterfalls and different types of stones, especially marble. This is a perfect tour to cool off and have a good time with the family. The recommended age for children is from 8 years old and it is one of the most appropriate activities for large groups of tourists.

Are you ready for a camping trip? You can do it on reservation.

Another interesting option if you want to live the experience for the first time or you like to camp is to do so in this spectacular nature reserve, as it is a safe and pleasant space for grilling and bonfires. In addition, you will be able to share with your family and you will be in contact with nature. But if you are looking to enjoy the best of the reserve in the open air, surrounded by luxuries and the best service, you should definitely stay at an affordable hotel in Doradal , such as Hotel El Rio and live this experience without abandoning luxury and comfort.

Other activities that you can include in your list


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If you have already visited these places in Río Claro, Colombia or you are more into outdoor sports and prefer adventure, then here we leave you other activities that you can do to have fun while sightseeing in Medellín.

  • Rafting through the river rapids: it is an activity that lasts 2 hours and the age allowed is 7 years and older. At Hotel El Rio we offer tourists the best experience, equipment and packages so that they can enjoy this exciting activity to the fullest.
  • Via ferrata: a vertical climb up the walls of the Rio Claro Canyon . The mechanism is pre-installed so that it is safe during the tour. If you want to do this activity, you must take into account that the minimum age is 18 years.
  • Canopy: an activity with a duration of approximately 40 minutes. It has 3 routes and you will fly over the river. The minimum age for this activity is 7 years old and, if you stay at our hotel in Río Claro , we can take care of organizing everything and offer you the best options in the area to practice this exciting sport .

This is, without a doubt, a magical Antioquia destination that offers some of the most revitalizing tourist activities in Medellín in the area, full of impressive views that delight everyone who plans a trip to this reserve. The amount of activities and the amazing variety of fauna and flora that inhabit Río Claro, Colombia make it an unforgettable experience.

So if you are thinking of staying in a hotel in Río Claro , the best option to enjoy the splendor of this tourist destination is Hotel El Río , which has an exclusive part of this natural reserve in its facilities, menu and luxury customer service. best price for those who want to see the most exotic in the heart of Doradal.

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