Tourist sites that are just minutes from our hotel in Río Claro

Sitios cerca de nuestro hotel en Río Claro

Have you already decided to travel to Doradal and stay with us to spend incredible days with your family? Well, in addition to offering you first-class accommodation with all the comforts and professional service from our team, we want to tell you about some tourist sites for sightseeing in Antioquia that are close to our hotel in Río Claro and that you cannot miss. visit during your stay.

Because the experience would not be complete if you do not do tourism in this destination, which has taken the breath away of more than one due to its exuberant beauty. Next, we will give you a list of those places that are worth adding to your tourist itinerary during your trip

1. Río Claro


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Within the Cañón del Río Claro natural reserve , located in the San Francisco municipality , there is a river with the same name that stands out for its green and clean waters; It is undoubtedly a perfect time to be in contact with nature. Your visit begins at the Hotel El Río facilities , where there is a fascinating part of this river in which you can do ideal activities for the whole family: walks along trails, canopy, speleology, rafting, enjoy the fauna and flora of the place , among other.

2. Balneario San Juan


Cascada del Balneario San Juan, cerca de nuestro hotel en Río Claro

Near our hotel in Río Claro you have another natural attraction that is worth going to, the San Juan spa . It is famous for its extraordinary beauty and for being divided into several parts. One of them is its imposing 8 meter high waterfall that supplies the river with water; in another you can stop to appreciate the view of the place and the tranquility that it offers. In addition, it has an area where you can make barbecues or sancochos with your family. 

3. La Quebrada Sonia


Quebrada Sonia cerca de nuestro hotel en Río Claro

Continuing with the places that you can visit to enjoy the outdoors, we have this wonderful ravine. It is located in the deepest part of the Doradal forest and is the perfect natural ornament of the place. Also, if you wish, you can take ecological walks around the place, thanks to the extensiveness of the area.

4. Parque temático Hacienda Nápoles

Located in Puerto Triunfo is the Hacienda Nápoles theme park . Before becoming the tourist attraction that it is now, it was the ranch of the infamous Pablo Escobar, who founded it in 1978. Today you can visit it to go to its Jurassic Park simulation, to the airplane runway, the ruins of the cars, among other sites. In addition, it has a space known as a ‘fauna sanctuary’, where you can learn about the diversity of species and feel in touch with the natural world that surrounds you if you decide to go out and have a different time outside our hotel in Río Claro.


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We have no doubt that a visit to the park will make this trip an unforgettable experience for you and your family. And best of all, it is 8 minutes from our hotel, which makes it a perfect place to have fun with the family, and return to enjoy good food , a spa session and our relaxing pools.

These are some of the tourist places you should visit if you stay at our hotel in Río Claro. It will be one of those trips that will remain etched in your memory, not only because of the hotel and the service of our staff, but also because of the opportunity to spend quality time with your family outdoors, enjoying all the magnificent areas that this destination has. antioqueno

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