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Check-in / check-out policies. Arrival: 3:00 PM Departure: 1:00 PM *you can enter the hotel from 10:00 am to enjoy the common areas and the room is delivered at 3:00 pm.


Cancellation Policies: Money is not refunded, but changes can be made to the reservation date at no cost, as long as it is notified 8 days before the date, if you make a change after 8 days before the reservation, this will have a cost of 50% of the value of the reservation. Terms and Conditions 1. PRICES 1.1 The published rate corresponds to the value per night per room, includes breakfast, AND the ecological trail experience. Extra beds and extra person have an additional cost and must be requested prior to the arrival of the guest. 1.2 The rate does not include the Value Added Tax -VAT- of 19%, which applies to tax residents in Colombia; complying with Decree 2646 of 2013.1.3  The rate does NOT include laundry service, mini bar consumption, the rate does NOT include other experiences or other unspecified services. 2. RECEPTION 2.1 The reception service hours are from 9 am to 9 pm If you have a reservation and your arrival time is outside this range, you must notify mercadeo@en.hotelelrio.com or WhatsApp  3108359889  with a minimum 24 hours to coordinate the delivery of your room. 2.2Check-in is from 3:00 pm, check-out is until 1:00 pm. Late check out can only be made according to availability. If you do not check-out after 1 pm and there is no prior communication with reception, communicating any eventuality that prevents you from doing said check-out, the value of the following night will be charged to your invoice as a penalty. 3. PETS 3.1 The entry of pets is not allowed, 4. RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENTS 4.1 For the reservation to be effective, payment of 100% of the value of the accommodation must be made, in advance, through transfer or from our website. 5. CANCELLATION POLICY 5.1Changes can be made to the reservation up to 8 days prior to the date of arrival without charge (does not apply to promotional rates) 5.2 In case you require a cancellation due to force majeure, please contact us at mercadeo@en.hotelelrio.com or at whatsapp 3108359889, sending the relevant supports, we will do our best to solve your case 5.3 In case of no-show on the date of your reservation, 100% of the amount will be charged. 5.4 In case of requiring an early departure, 100% of the amount of the reservation will be charged, unless the departure corresponds to a case of force majeure which must be supported and the amount will be charged.

 50% of the total outstanding amount of the reservation. 5.5 If a refund is requested, the amount corresponding to the financial expenses generated by said transaction will be charged.


  1. CHILDREN, GIRLS AND ADOLESCENTS 6.1 For security reasons regarding the hotel facilities, the accommodation of children under 16 years of age is not allowed. 6.2 All children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult who, by legal means, can guarantee their kinship with the minor, in case of being a third party, they must present a letter signed by both parents of the minor authorizing their accompaniment, if one of the parents is absent must attach a supporting document .6.3 In strict compliance with article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, and Law 1336 of 2009 on the prevention of exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism of minors, El Rio Hotel, rejects and report any suspicious behavior in this area.7. ACCEPTANCE 7.1 . THE CLIENT declares to accept these general contracting conditions and said acceptance is ratified by means of one or any of the following acts: a) The payment of the contracted services before the start of the provision of the services; b) The payment required as Guarantee for the initiation of the provision of the Services c) The acceptance of the invoice for the services contracted directly by THE CLIENT or by any person dependent on him or related to him directly or indirectly; d) Through the use of any portion of the contracted services. 8. EXCLUSION OF WARRANTIES AND LIABILITY 8.1 EL RIO HOTEL does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the services made available to the user, therefore it excludes any liability for damages and/or losses that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of its website and the services offered. by this means, however, all efforts will be made to the extent possible to provide technical assistance to the affected user, as well as try to restore the interruption as soon as possible or offer an alternative means. 8.2 If EL RIO HOTEL , despite of acting with due foresight and diligence, cannot provide the rooms contracted for reasons that are not attributable to them and if there is an impossibility of providing them under the agreed conditions , EL RIO HOTELwill offer the client the possibility of operating for the total reimbursement of what was canceled in the reservation or for its substitution by another room similar in terms of category and quality. If the replacement service results in a lower category or quality, EL RIO HOTEL must reimburse the difference 9. MISCELLANEOUS 9.1 In the event of loss of any decoration, control or baffle owned by the hotel, a penalty will be charged at the time of check out. 9.2 Penalty for smoking in closed areas : Smoking is prohibited in all closed areas of the hotel, including the room. Failure to comply with this policy generates a penalty of $300,000 COP that will be charged to your hosting bill. 9.3 Reasonable use of the sound equipment : the use of the sound equipment must be done with a moderate volume without interrupting the tranquility of other guests, its use is prohibited after 9pm. Failure to comply with this clause may lead to the immediate expulsion of the guest from the establishment without the right to reimbursement or claim. 9.4   The parking service is free in the hotel facilities, you must use the designated parking areas. 9.5. In the event of any problem or claim, we have a procedure for handling Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Requests; where it is specified that before any PQRS expressed verbally to the personnel assigned for this function or through a communication, treatment and response will be given. The response times are those provided for in Law 1480 of 2011 (Consumer Statute) and Decree 1074 of 2015, must be provided within 15 business days of receipt of the claim, preferably in writing and specifying the reasons why it is decided in that sense. 10. Right of withdrawal.Under the terms of article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011 (Consumer Statute) in cases of contracting hosting services through virtual platforms, the client may retract the purchase within a period of five business days after the purchase, for those effects should send an email to  mercadeo@en.hotelelrio.com  . 10.1. In accordance with numeral 1 of the aforementioned standard, customers who are already enjoying the services may not retract.
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