Tourist activities that you can do if you stay at a hotel in Doradal, Antioquia

Actividades turísticas si te quedas en un hotel en Doradal Antioquia

If you have in mind spending a vacation at our hotel in Doradal Antioquia , you should know that it is an ideal tourist destination to have new experiences, due to all that both the place where you will stay and its surroundings can offer. If you decide to stay in this town, one of the most striking and fun activities for tourists is the tour of the Hacienda Nápoles, but there are many others that we will mention below and that will make your visit Hotel El Río ; our hotel in Doradal, Antioquia; an unforgettable experience.

The Hacienda Nápoles theme park, an exuberant and fun experience

Recognized by visitors as a perfect place to share with the family due to its water attractions, its wildlife and all the tourist activities it offers, you will need to
stay at our hotel
in Doradal Antioquia for a minimum of two or three days if you want to fully enjoy the place .

The Hacienda Nápoles had a symbolic value for the extinct Medellín Cartel, being one of the founders and its owner the infamous Pablo Escobar. Then, specifically from December 25, 2007, it would become a tourist park, a must for those travelers who do tourism in Medellín, being located just 8 minutes from the Hotel El Rio .


Among the activities offered by the park are:

  • The simulation of a jurassic park
  • Victory Falls
  • the wild river
  • The African Museum
  • The Memorial Museum

Of course, you should also visit Vanessa; a much-loved hippopotamus in the place, an airplane runway, the ruins of a car collection, a coliseum, among other attractions that you cannot miss. In addition, the prices to enter the park are adapted to the economic possibilities of each family, so go ahead and add it to your list of activities to do if you are sightseeing in Antioquia .

Cañón del Río Claro Reserve, a space of natural connection

It is located near Doradal and is, without a doubt, the perfect place to recover energy and disconnect from routine. The landscapes, the different species of animals, its crystalline waters and its green areas make it a captivating visit for tourists.

Among the activities to do in the Cañón del Río Claro are rafting through its rapids, climbing a canopy to slide between the treetops and enjoying a pleasant walk through its forests, where various types of birds aboundIt is an ideal tourist attraction for people who want to enjoy nature on the surface, safari lovers and, above all, who are looking to spend their vacations in a cheap hotel in Doradal, such as Hotel El Río, qwhich has all the comforts , luxuries and services to enjoy a revitalizing and unique stay.

The village ‘the Colombian Santorini’, the Greek city of Colombia

Characterized by its warm and pleasant climate, it is known under the name of
el Santorini colombiano

for its splendid white houses, which are connected by streets and stone stairs. Upon entering this site, it is undeniable how similar it is to the Greek island Santorini, which was used as the main inspiration for the construction of the town. 

It is part of the corregimiento of Doradal, located in the municipality of Puerto Triunfo. 

Behind the majesty of the place, there are legends that relate it to Pablo Escobar and often attract the attention of those who visit La Danta, Antioquia .


What can you do in this magical little town in Antioquia?

Having breakfast or drinking beer in the small square contemplating the marvelous landscape, in addition to walking the cobbled stairs that make anyone feel in the Mediterranean, are part of the activities offered by the place. For those who like adventures, the town has numerous caverns, among which the Marlen cavern, the Heider cavern, El Caimán and el Cóndor stand out; This one in particular bears that name because of its similar shape to this bird.

San Juan Spa, a connection with nature

For anyone looking for tourist activities in the surroundings of Medellín, San Juan is the perfect option to contemplate nature and enjoy the fresh air of Puerto Triunfo, a town close to the emblematic city of Antioquia. This beautiful place, which offers incredible views, is a river divided into several parts where you can see an imposing waterfall of more than 7 meters high, whose waterfall works as the main source of water for the river.

You can also admire the tranquility of the water, and the variety of species that inhabit the place. To enjoy with the family, there is a space with tables and chairs where you can spend time eating a grill or other type of food in the open air. Other activities that may be interesting if you decide to leave the hotel to visit this spa are hiking through the green areas and playing billiards at the available tables.

Quebrada Sonia, the heart of the Doradal forest


This fascinating ravine is located deep in the tropical forest of Doradal and is another must-see natural experience for tourists who decide to vacation at our hotel in Doradal Antioquia . It is ideal to take a break and connect with the natural environment of the ravine.

For family enjoyment, the place has shallow pools to have a good time, majestic waterfalls and relaxing spaces where you can sunbathe and breathe fresh air. 

El puente Lata,perfect for family camping


Deep inside the entrance of the famous Hacienda Nápoles is this impressive and ornate river: the Lata bridge. It has a pleasant green color in summer next to a bridge made of tin, which is the emblem of the place.

If you stay at our hotel with family and friends, here you can enjoy walks, prepare meals in the open air and even camp in the wide area of ​​sand that is intended for that. Those tourists who love fishing can find different species of fish, among them are: picúa, dorado, moncholo and bluegill.

The trip is not over yet: other activities you can do if you stay at a hotel in Doradal

If you stay at our hotel, you cannot miss a gastronomic tour of the area, where you can enjoy a wide variety of exquisite dishes such as Parva Antioqueña, a cassava corn pasta with cheese, served with butter and milk, as well as Antioquian arepitas, full of the typical flavor of the region.


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Another dish worth mentioning is the bandeja paisa. . It is composed of ground meat, chorizo, chicharrón, blood sausage, rice, beans, plantain, fried egg, hogao and other ingredients that make it a delicacy that enchants the palates of the people who visit the place and that you can also get it in our menu . In addition to this, there are still more places to visit in this wonderful destination, among which we can mention the following.

The tourist boardwalk

This place is perfect for extreme sports and for rappelling if you are doing tourism in Colombia . It is located in a town of miners and fishermen, on the banks of the Río Claro, and it is an excellent place to enjoy and relax, without abandoning the comfort offered by our sophisticated Hotel El Río if you decide to stay here, thanks to its proximity to this wonderful place.

Cascada Bocatoma, Estación Cocorná

Este lugar es perfecto para los deportes extremos y para hacer rapel si te encuentras haciendo
turismo en Colombia. Está ubicada en un poblado de mineros y pescadores, a orillas del Río Claro y es un excelente lugar para disfrutar y relajarse, sin abandonar la comodidad que ofrece nuestro sofisticado Hotel El Río si decides hospedarte aquí, gracias a su cercanía a este maravilloso lugar.

The main park


More than a tourist attraction, Doradal’s main park is a meeting point that every tourist should visit during their stay in the town. It is located in the center of the municipal seat and is ideal for resting, doing different sports activities and spending time with the family.


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All the activities and tourist sites that you can enjoy if you stay in a hotel in Doradal Antioquia make this destination an authentic earthly paradise to relax and enjoy the exuberant nature. So if you are looking for the ideal place to enjoy a well-deserved vacation away from the city without abandoning comfort, Hotel El Río is an interesting option that not only exalts the natural beauty of this destination, but also cares about offering facilities luxury, the best dishes and exclusive attention for those who dare to visit one of the most interesting and beautiful locations in Colombia.

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