Tips to plan the ideal vacation in the Río Claro Reserve

De visita en la Reserva Río Claro

The Río Claro Reserve is so beautiful that it is not surprising that it has captured the attention of hundreds of tourists who want to make a stop in Puerto Triunfo to visit it and contemplate its exuberant landscapes and the fauna that have made it such a coveted destination.

Planning a trip in advance is a good idea to organize your expenses and avoid last minute inconveniences. Whether alone, as a couple, with friends or your family, if you are thinking of visiting this Colombian nature reserve, as one of the best hotels in Río Claro , we give you some tips to plan the trip of your dreams.

1. Buy tickets in advance


This advice applies especially if you plan to travel during the high season. However, buying tickets with some travel time in the off-season will help you cut costs.

Some tricks to get cheap tickets are to take into account the time and days you plan to travel, since flying at noon greatly favors tourists. In addition, you will notice that cheap flights are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays due to the shortage of passengers.

2. Quote and book your accommodation near the Río Claro Reserve



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If you quote and reserve your accommodation in advance, it is likely that you will find special packages such as those offered by Hotel El Rio, which in addition to having a part of the Río Claro reserve at the foot of the facilities, also offers jeep tours of the reserve , kayaking and paddle boarding, visits to caves and much more. On the other hand, if you decide to make your reservation very close to the date of your trip, our hotel in La Danta will take care of planning everything so that you only have to worry about relaxing and enjoying yourself.

3. Don’t forget your travel insurance


If you are outside of Colombia and have decided to visit the Río Claro reserve, travel insurance is essential. Many tourists do not give it importance, but this requirement is essential, especially if you are traveling as a family with small children. Travel insurance will help you in the event of a medical emergency and is even capable of covering inconveniences such as lost luggage and unexpected missed flights.

4. Travel with people who plan expenses



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When it comes to traveling with family or friends, it’s best to make sure everyone has a similar travel budget and spending plan to you. This will avoid excessive expenses and will allow you to reach a better agreement regarding things such as the choice of food or the tourist sites that you would like to visit.

If you are looking to save, we inform you that at Hotel El Río breakfast is included in the accommodation and we offer you an extensive national and international menu so that you do not have to spend more on transportation during your vacation. We also offer a pool area, exclusive access to the Rio Claro Reserve, expeditions, a spa, extreme sports and everything you need to enjoy the best experience of this tourist destination without leaving our facilities.

5. Have a reserve budget


Taking into account that travel insurance supports you in case of an emergency, one of the most common inconveniences for foreign tourists must be taken into account: The lack of cash. Once you have planned your trip budget and expenses, it is important to have a cash reserve in Colombian pesos in case you go to the Río Claro Reserve .

This natural monument is in the middle of the Doradal jungle, so the closest ATMs are far away from the hotel. Having extra cash will help you for any unforeseen expenses during your trip, although if you decide to stay at El Rio Hotel, we are pleased to say that we have PayPal as an international payment method and high-speed Wi-Fi connection, so you can make your payments with the greatest comfort and do not limit yourself in case you want some VIP service or additional food outside of your budget.

6. Plan even the smallest details



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If you want to avoid surprises and unforeseen events, planning the smallest details will be very helpful. A trip should be relaxing and fun instead of stressful, so make sure you leave all work or home issues planned before visiting the reserve so that you can fully enjoy what it and our hotel en Puerto Triunfo have for you.

Now that you have all the tips to plan a perfect vacation trip to the Río Claro Reserve, you can start making the preparations and book your accommodation with us. We take care of personalizing your experience so that you live the magic of the Colombian jungle in one of the most opulent tourist sites in Antioquia.

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